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Cash registers and cash register systems with tradition

We offer business and retail cashboxes, cash registers and cash register systems in an integrated and complete Czech environment. They are suitable for restaurants, hotels, stores, network stores and reception, but also for fast food, hairdresser, gym, coffee shop, business facility with distributing food and other catering operations.

The part of comprehensive solution AWIS is the supply of hardware including installation and training of staff throughout the Czech Republic. Full range of supplied hardware equipment and necessary accessories is available in our e-shop. In the e-shop we offer cash registers, LCD touch monitors, POS terminals, mobile terminals, cash register thermal printer, scanner, scanners, printers, customer cards, cameras and other complementary goods.


Developed and advanced cash registers solutions

Since the beginning of the 90’s we have been developing software solutions for cash register and cash register system. 20 years of know-how in this field in connection with simple working environment and modern touch screen gives to our solution highly professional level. The guarantee of high quality is also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification we have. If you decide to buy cash register AWIS, you can relay that you will get complete package, instalation, staff training and technical support according to your need. Premium quality of the Czech cash register system AWIS confirm more than 200 satisfied customers, that you can find in our references.

Advantages and the features of cash register system AWIS


The main benefits of AWIS

  • Just 2 touches – clicks to charge!!!
  • Quick and simple touch control
  • Quick operative locking with password
  • Access possible via a magnetic card
  • Current revenue, status and account history

Premium accounts, discounts and bonuses

  • Account for loyal clients and employees
  • Discount cards and their records
  • Customers spending  on discount card
  • Discount up to 100% or increase discount
  • Happy hours

Basic functions of AWIS cash register

  • Stock - more stores
  • The clients and streets database
  • Complete invoicing
  • Inventories and mirrors
  • Price lists (time counting, prices per km, etc.)
  • Property inventory

Basic functions

  • Setting of foreign currency
  • Credit cards and meal tickets
  • Work overview of employees
  • On-line access via Internet
  • Network solutions and data protection
  • Statistics and research

Practical function for cashbox operating

  • Merging tables
  • Move between tables
  • Calculation and cancellation
  • Discounts while paying
  • Return bill after paying
  • Print last bill

Operating cashbox registers for managers

  • Divide of revenue by service team
  • Enter tasks for employees
  • Pre-print of accounts
  • Map of the shop
  • Set language (CZ, EN, RU)
  • Setting rights and user actions


Example of cash register system in cashbox and cash register

Cashbox - part for service team

Stock – counter in office part

Cashbox - map of tables

Cash register – business version


Detailed description of the original solution of the Czech cash register system is here

Frequently Asked Questions


Why to buy cash register system?

Cash register system allows you to stop the endless loss of goods and leak more difficult auditable financial items. You will have a maximum overview of what is happening in the workplace, which employee is on duty or what is the state of cash register and stock. Work will be effective not only for you, but also for employees. Thanks to the cash register system you will be more fair to your employees when dividing commissions and bonuses.

Price of cash register license?

The price of a full software license of cash register AWIS is 12.900 CZK. The price of cash register software contains both main parts of cash register system, meaning part for managers and part for service team, and complete, advanced solution AWIS, which you can find above. The complete price list of all AWIS products you can find in cash register, cash box and cash register system price list section.

Price of customized cash register solution

The price of customized cah register system is always dependant on specific requirements of usage and service. We will gladly answer the pricing questins after listening your wishes and requirements.  Do not hasitate to contact us or just send not binding demand via our form here

Funding hardware and software?


We cooperate with ESSOX company based on possibility of funding our products. If you are interested in some products but do not have cash money, payment schedule will be provided to you.

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